We are an informative platform where discussions, transcripts, and case studies are published for creating awareness and spreading knowledge on homelessness, child abuse, women empowerment, poverty, and various other crucial subjects.

We aim to serve as an open discussion platform where people can ask questions, share views, and gain knowledge about things of interest and news. In addition, our goal is to offer support, clarity and counselling to those in need. We want to make everything as open and honest as possible so that you can get all the information you need about any kind of social issue. You can ask a question about anything, and we will arrange a discussion on the same so that you are well-informed and know what the current state of the matter is. So, feel free to contact us for a chat at any time!



A re you looking for a reliable platform where you can obtain information and knowledge on local issues, projects and events? Look no further than Round About Chat. It is one of the most promising open discussion platforms where our team shares informative conversations among professionals, moderators, experts and general public. Our sole objective is to publish and share useful information on our website so that you can learn more about the different issues and problems in Australia. From social problems to health emergency, we discuss everything without a hint of stress. If you want to know more about our platform, contact us today.

Our discussions center around important and relevant topics like the Australian Bushfires, COVID-19, Homelessness, Careers, Child Abuse, Environment Preservations, Job Security and much more. We invite experienced and skilled professionals to have an open forum discussion with other and communicate via texts as well. Live attendants and moderators ask these professionals the questions that have been submitted via call or email and let them give them professional advice. These live chats are then transcribed and edited to get a better understanding before the forum is published on Round About Chat’s official website page.

You can read all our published information or choose to go over topics of interest. Our goal is to spread awareness, discuss crucial issues, give voice to communities and always keep the door for friendly and healthy conversations wide open. If you are interested in participating then get in touch with us via email or call.We will get back to you as soon as possible and help you get more information on all the social issues and events you want to know. You can contact us at any time and our staff is friendly and helpful and will do proper research to answer all your questions.

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Need Counselling and Support?

We Can Help With That too!

At the time of establishment our organisation only posted the transcriptions of chats, interviews, and conversations among the people and experts. However, we soon realised that besides gaining knowledge, many people needed support and someone to listen to them. Thus, we expanded our team and hired skilled personnel to counsel people who need assistance and help. The topics, issues, events, and news we talk about on our platform, people impacted by them come and seek support from us. We discuss everything from current political scenarios to mental health issues at our platform. No topic is off limits, as we are dedicated to advancing open dialogue in our community and add to via words. If you want to know what we do and how we do it, register to join a chat now and have a wonderful time.

At, Round About Chat, we not only believe in the power of publishing and sharing useful information, we also believe in the power of love, care, and help. Since our incorporation, we have no only talked to hundreds of people belonging to different communities and regions in Australia but supported and counselled many of them too. The best part about finding information on our platform is that others have the same burning questions as you and you can ask the experts anything related to the topics being discussed. We encourage an open dialogue to help everyone tuning in the conversations to understand everything without difficult and comment as well.

  • Round About Chat

    Sidney Mathews


    I was always interested in getting people to talk because it allowed healthy discussion and opened doors for knowledge transfer and helping one another. Thus, the idea for Round About Chat came to mind. I am so happy that today we have a platform where experts and general people chat about important Australian issues, events, news, programs and much more.

  • Jim Pearson


    Round About Chat is a dream come true because even before Sidney and I officially launched the website, we knew it was what we wanted to do. Today, I am beyond thrilled that it has become a fanatic platform that people across Australia use and love. I have received thanks from participants and even experts and it fill my heart with gratitude.

  • Kevin Brown


    I became a part of the company two years after it was launched and since I am proud to be a part of it. We have helped numerous people and achieved the goal of becoming a place where people can gain knowledge and learn crucial information and things about current affairs, major Australian issues, and much more.

Round About Community

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Homelessness in Australia and COVID-19 Pandemic’s Impact

Homelessness is a major issue that plagues the entire nation and especially people who are socially and economically disadvantaged. According to Australian Bureau of Statistic’s Census night in 2016, an estimated of 116,000 people in Australia were homeless.

Important Things to Know As a Carer

Do you know many people are carers but they don’t even know it? A lot of people knowingly or unknowingly have responsibilities of caring for someone who cannot do without the help. You can be a full or part-time carer and the responsibly can take a toll on you mentally and physically.

Over Crowding the Most Common Form of Homelessness

Unlike popular beliefs, just because you have a home does not mean that you cannot be homeless. Experts say that any person who has a home and lacks a sense of security, privacy, safety and control over their situation is considered the same as a person with a roof over their head. Today, we will see how an overcrowded and unsafe home can be a major problem.

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